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      Dog Food Facility
            Miniature Device by Civil Power
            Miniature Device by Industrial
            Midsize Device by Industrial Power
            Large Device by Industrial Power
            Dog Food Production Line
      sable food bulking facility
            Midsize Device
            Large Device
      Pet Fish Food Facility
            Midsize Device
            Large Device
      Maize Bulking Facility
            Midsize Device
            Large Device
      Accessory Equipment


Sales Address


 No.34 building, NvZhen Street, Acheng District,Harbin, HeiLongjiang Province

The general manager : Zhang Jialing


 Sales Hotline:0451-53738788

 Common Fax:0451-53738988

 Trade Fax:0086-451-53798751





   81961905       1394070507                        

  1278070595      1240085588                     



Sales Manager Phone:


  Manager Bi    15046812225


  Manager Yu    15084693377


  Manager Hou 15045263377




 If you want to order devices, please remit money into the specified accounts

1、account:    Zhang Bailing

   ABC Bank card    6228480170565847713

2、account:    Zhang Bailing

   ICBC card:    6222023500001480199

The company address:No.34 building, NvZhen Street, Acheng District,Harbin, HeiLongjiang Province TEL:0451-53738788